Shamir Golf ™

Lenses Designed with the Golfer in Mind
Lens Family: Performance Lenses

Lens Characteristics:

  • Sharp viewing in all three crucial focal areas - the far distant green,
    the ball at the player’s feet, and the score card in his hand
  • Enhanced peripheral vision
  • Utilizes Shamir's As-Worn Technology™
  • Minimum fitting height:19



  • Provides the golfer with a more comfortable golfing experience than the conventional progressive lenses.



Vertical Cross Section


Advantages:golf ball

  • Sharp focus without distortion in the 3 crucial focal areas
  • Clear peripheral viewing
  • Designed to suit wraparound frames
  • Available as Progressive and SV lens
  • Extra-protection safety materials
  • UV and Blue Light protection
  • Colours specially suited to golf



Target Market:

  • SV and progressive wearers, seeking a solution to maximize their performances in the golf game