Shamir Smart Office™

Perfect Vision throughout the occupational arc
Lens Family: Occupational Lenses

Lens Characteristics:

• Provides perfect near, intermediate and full distance vision. 

• Premium Freeform lens perfectly tuned to the individuals needs
• Personalised to each individuals occupational arc details
• Customised back surface optics with an optical accuracy of 0.01D



• Suitable for any presbyopic patient requiring clear concentrated vision over a near/intermediate working area.
• Professionals and hobbyists alike
• A premium reading lens solution


smart office cover



• Provides perfect vision throughout the occupational arc.
• Minimal distortion levels.
• Alleviates the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).


Target Market:

• SV reader or bifocal wearers seeking intermediate correction.
• Progressive lens wearers looking for a wider field of view over the near and intermediate working areas.
• Computer users spending more than a couple of hours per day infront of a monitor.
• Proffesionals and keen hobbyists requiring the best near/intermediate correction.