Shamir Vocational

Lens Family: Occupational Lenses

Lens Characteristics:

  • Designed for all additions including high ADDs 
  • Fitted like a progressive and ordered with near prescription
  • Available in 2 dynamic powers (degressions), Low 0.75 / High 1.25.
  • Minimum fitting height: 16mm



  • Answers the needs of a wide range of professionals requiring concentrated vision up to 4 metres
  • Specifically designed for the work environment
  • Lower priced alternative to Shamir Computer™ and Shamir Workspace™



  • Ideal lens for alleviating Computer Vision Syndrome
  • The ideal alternative to reading glasses


Ideal for:

  • People who want a better solution than they get from their reading glasses
  • People who need to focus on near and mid-distance work
  • Those seeking perfect focus on computer as well as near work environment
  • Children’s vision when accommodation assistance is required


 Vocational lense