Shamir Relax™

Lenses for the digital age
Lens Family: Occupational Lenses

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Lens Characteristics:

  • Freeform lens design with 0.50, 0.65 or 0.80 ADD power in the lowest part of the lens
  • Marked with both visible ink and invisible markings
  • Aspheric design with no distortions
  • Minimum fitting height: 16mm
  • Fitted as regular SV lens



  • General daily use as for any other SV lens
  • Suitable for any close working environment 



  • Reduces eyestrain and fatigue associated with prolonged intermediate and near vision tasks
  • Customers doesn’t find it different from regular SV lenses
  • No distortion or swim effects


When to recommend Shamir Relax:

  • When patients are between the ages of 18-45, even if vision correction is not required
  • When patients use digital devices and computers for two or more hours a day
  • When patients experience eye strain and end-of-day tired eyes


Shamir Relax and Blue light

It is recommended to combine Shamir Relax with protection from harmful blue light. There is a growing awareness in today's high-tech world of the potential harmful effects of the blue light emitted by digital devices such as TV screens, computers, mobile phones, game consoles and much more. 

The new Shamir Relax can be ordered with Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV lens coating to prevent digital eye strain and for the ultimate in eye protection!


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