Shamir Urban™

Designed for GEN X
Lens Family: Life Improvement Lenses

city cover



Shamir Urban is the new concept in progressive lenses especially designed to suit the active lifestyle of Generation X wearers. Every Shamir Urban lens is tailor made to suit the frame, the distance vision and now most importantly design by addition to suit work-life balance.


The rhythms of fast-paced city life bombard us with visual stimuli from street signs and posters, through LED displays rushing past, to the personal digital devices on our desk or in our hands. Our vision needs to be just as fast-paced. That’s why Shamir developed Shamir Urban, today’s softest lens design for quick and easy adaptation in the urban environment.



Clinical tests show that today’s young presbyopes living in urban environments with its plethora of visual stimuli and digital devices, have a clear preference. They prefer a lens with a softer PAL design. What they want is a seamless visual experience that gives them quick and easy focus. Shamir has developed this for them by applying its innovative and cutting-edge lens design technology.



Incorporates NEW Intellicorridor design to suit active lifestyles!

This technology controls the power profile along the eye’s visual path through the progressive lens zones, and allows Shamir lens designers to give variable emphasis to the power for every given point on the lens. Lenses can now be designed to optimally suit a particular activity or visual need.


A customized non-compensated lens design combined with easy adaptation and smooth transition between viewing fields, Shamir Urban uniquely meets the visual needs of presbyopes in the urban environment, as well as those new to progressive lenses and requiring extra help with adaptation.


  • Softest possible lens design
  • Wide field of view for quick and easy adaptation
  • Smooth transition between viewing fields