Shamir Star

Ordering lenses just got quicker, easier, and personalized with a precision fit to the chosen frame 

Shamir Shape Manager is a new service joining our other advanced services on Shamir Online. Offering a remote tracing service compatible with your standard tracer, Shamir Shape Manager eliminates the need to send in frames, while guaranteeing a perfect fit with your client’s chosen frame. And if you want to consider upgrading your tracer, Shamir is offering an attractive deal on standard tracers, as well as on the new precision Shamir Star tracer.


Shamir Shape Manager

The new remote tracing service from Shamir Online 

Shamir Shape Manager is a user-friendly remote tracing application that guarantees precision accuracy in remote-edging. For ready-to-use convenience, the tracer

application interfaces not only with the new Shamir Star tracer, but with any OMA compliant tracer. It submits your frame shape together with any remote edge or pre-cal order placed through Shamir Online. 


Benefits of using Shamir Online with the new Shape Management application:

  • Quicker order turn-around time

  • ECPs can place their order without sending in the frame

  • Lenses can be ordered for patient’s current frame

  • No more late orders caused by frame-related delays


Shamir Star

The latest precision accurate remote tracer

A new remote tracer from Shamir, Shamir Star offers optimal tracing for a variety of frames. With Shamir Star you get precise measurements and perfect results. Unique advantages of Shamir Star

  • Follows precise camber of the frame, even with the highest curves

  • Frame thickness displayed

  • Variable speed according to the frame geometry

  • Swiveling clamps avoid deformation of flexible frames

  • Frame dissymmetry taken into account

  • Compatible with OMA protocol, meeting highest standards

  • Perfect fit of lens to frame


Each Shamir Star unit is customized to the specific requirements of the ECP, while smoothly interfacing with the Shamir Online ordering system. Installation is carried out by an expert Shamir team. This ensures not only professional connection of the tracer unit, but also provides an opportunity for shop staff to be walked through the procedure for sending their orders through Shamir Online.

Call your Shamir representative for more details and order your Shamir Star today!




Shamir Star